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bridal entrance VIEW

  • WJ & E Farren
  • Solo with Keyboard
  • RM AWP 100 & 200
  • $10.00
  • Duration: 1:45
  • Published: 2008


Bridal Entrance (both versions) is a new piece for the bride who wishes something a bit different on her big day. The songs have different options that allow you to personalize the performance.

  1. There are two versions- the Bride's version and the Couple's version that allow a slightly different emphasis in the words. (See below)
  2. Each song is available in a number of keys that can be matched to the singer's voice. G-for high voice, Eb for middle range voice, C for lower voice. Note, G sung down an octave may suit some very low voices.
  3. The bride can insert her name in various parts of the song.
  4. The song has various repeats built in that can be used to co-ordinate the walk down the aisle with the singing of the song.
  5. You may request that a personalized version of the song is made available to you with date, place, bride's name and other information included that will serve as a memento of the big day. ($25.00)

individual pieces

(Bride's name,) (Bride's name,) (Bride's name,) let this day be your day. (Bride's name,) (Bride's name,) (Bride's name,) you look lovely on your day. Your wedding day. This day of love, perfect love. Love, perfect love. Joyful all conquering love. (Bride's name), let our love enfold you on your special day. God bless this your day.
(Bride's name,) (Bride's name,) (Bride's name,) let this day be our day. (Bride's name,) (Bride's name,) pledge ourselves forever to be one. Forever one. Hearts, minds, and souls. Hearts, minds, and souls. Joyful this special day. Our love will conquer all troubles when we become one. God bless this our day.