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holiday update
Renforth Music is delighted to announce that we have received permission to re-publish a piece by Janis Kalnins- his The Lord's Prayer SATB a cappella. This piece was originally published in 1964 (the date on the original score is in Roman numbers!) by Frederick Harris. Astonishingly it is believed to be the only piece that Kalnins had published commercially in North America - that is, before Renforth Music published 8 of his choral works and a piano piece. Apparently Kalnins had some issues with publishers and swore off them for the rest of his life. It is an interesting piece with an almost exotic flavour partly due to many augmented seconds as part of the harmonic scale in all voices. It makes a good companion piece to his popular Our Father in Heaven, RM ACH 028.
choral cornucopia 2
Here is another batch of new publications from Renforth Music. We begin with 'Four Songs of Love and Time' by Terry Pratt. The titles, in order and the voicings are as follows: Jenny Kissed Me (SATB); John Anderson, My Jo (SSAA); Out Upon It (TTBB); So We'll Go No More A-Roving (SATB). These charming pieces are of moderate difficulty suitable for a community choir and offer full choir, treble and also male voice opportunities.

We have three new songs from Trent Worthington whose 'O My Son, My Son Absalom' we published last month. The new pieces are Rimini 1944 (SATB a cappella), a powerful Remembrance/Veterans's Day offering about the horrors and futility of war; I Heard the Sky (SATB with piano), with words by Canadian Marc Hemmingson; and The Missouri Coteau (SATB with piano), a fun number with words by Ken Mitchell.

We also offer two new pieces by Laura Sgroi (formerly Silberberg.) A Dream Within A Dream (SATB a cappella with solo soprano), words by Edgar Allan Poe; and The Lake (SATB with piano), again words by Edgar Allan Poe. The first performance piano part for this was improvised by the composer, however, for this publication she has captured the essence of the improvisation and notated it so your choir's accompanist just has to read the music!
choral cornucopia 1
A veritable flood of new pieces is coming from Renforth Music. The first instalment includes Angele Dei (SATB a cappella) by Laura Sgroi, formerly Silberberg, O My Son, My Son Absalom (SATB a cappella) by a new to Renforth composer Trent Worthington, and Ride Jesus Ride (SATB with piano), a Palm Sunday anthem by David Holborn. We also present two pieces for TTBB a cappella commissioned by the Canadian Men's Chorus and part of their Series for Male Voices, How to Die by Scott Christian, words by Siegfried Sassoon and Book of Lamentations by Patrick Murray, words adapted from the 10th century St Gregory of Narek. Both works are powerful and moving. How to Die is suitable for a Remembrance Day/Veterans Day ceremony. These five new pieces are just the beginning- stay tuned for instalment 2 coming soon!
new pieces
Three new works are now published by Renforth Music. First, a SATB a cappella version of the popular Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep (originally for TTBB and one of the Three Songs for Remembrance Day by Laura Sgroi (originally Laura Silberberg). This piece is a Canadian Men's Chorus commission and is listed in its original voicing under the CMC Male Voice Series voicing on the web site. Secondly, and also a CMC commission is the lovely When You Are Old, TB with piano by Stephanie Martin. There is an SA version also and a solo voice version in F major. Finally a new anthem from David Holborn from Nova Scotia, O Praise the Lord, S (div) ATB with piano. This is a fun and humorous version of the Christmas story and should be a reasonable challenge for a decent church or community choir.
canadian men's chorus male voice series
We are are delighted to collaborate with the Canadian Men's Chorus (CMC) to offer a series of works commissioned and first performed by them. These pieces can be found under the CMC Series heading in the Voicings section. The CMC continues to be active in commissioning and promoting new works for TTBB. New works will be added on a regular basis.
new solo song
O Sleep My Little Baby is a pleasant solo song for medium-high voice (range Bb to Eb) by a new composer to Renforth Music, David Holborn. It will also be published as an anthem for solo voice and SA and also for solo voice and SATB. Check out all three versions to see which one is best for your group. Hint, you need a good medium-high soloist!
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