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the latest
A Soldier’s Prayer SATB, oboe (or flute or clarinet), and piano by Beverly Lewis is a powerful setting of a poem of unknown origin that is suitable for Remembrance/Veteran’s Day ceremonies or any military or war theme that features support for the soldiers. A Birthday SATB a cappella by Terry Pratt, words by Christina Rossetti is a clever and effective setting that utilizes the opening motif of Happy Birthday to You to fine effect. An average community choir would find this a worthwhile challenge. As promised in the last update we offer the SATB with organ version of The Angel Gabriel by Stephan Gourley, a lovely setting of the famous Basque carol, suitable for most church choirs -but it does have a real organ part. There is also a unison version, again with organ. More to come soon!
four new pieces
We are happy to add the following pieces to our catalogue: Coventry Carol by Bev Lewis. A lovely setting of the famous Carol for SSA and oboe- flute or clarinet may be used if necessary. Crossing the Bar for SATB a cappella by Terry Pratt whose Four Pieces of Love and Time we published earlier this year. Suitable for a reasonably good community choir. The Lord is King, Lift Up Your Voice by Stephen Gourley who is new to Renforth Music but whose setting of The Angel Gabriel, SATB with organ we also plan to publish. . This piece is written for a moderately good church choir with a true organ part. A recording is on the web site. Finally we offer another piece by Trent Worthington- his Magnificat, Anima Mea for SATB, piano, violin and cello. The following separate parts are available - full conductor's score, choir score which includes piano, and separate violin and cello scores. There is also a full recording of this on the web site.
love preparing to fly
This is a short, charming SATB a cappella piece by Jared Tomlinson, words by Gerald Manley Hopkins dedicated to the 20 years work of Stephanie Martin with the Pax Christi Chorale in Toronto.
three encounters
We are delighted to publish Three Encounters by poet Mark Hemmingson and composer Trent Worthington. The three pieces are Shallow Arms (SATBSATB a cappella), An Angel Embraced Me (SATB with an important piano part), and I Heard the Sky (SATB/piano). The pieces take just over 18 minutes to perform and present an exciting musical and technical challenge. Since both writer and composer are Canadians, Renforth Music is adding these pieces to its Canada 150 list, Songs for Sesqui. You can listen to them on the web site. They may be ordered individually or as a group.
stephanie martin
We are delighted to offer a new piece by Stephanie Martin. Her God So Loved the World is scored for SATB with two treble C instruments. Versions with two treble Bb instruments and one treble Bb and one treble C instrument are also available. The instrument parts are available separately - free if part of an order. Click the link and listen to the whole piece. You will be impressed.
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